Building lifelong healthy eaters since 2006

Reimbursable school meals are our bread and butter

Unitized Meals

An easy and safe solution for vended meal models and satellite locations, allowing flexibility across congregate, classroom, and remote feeding.

Multi-Day Meal Boxes

Individually-sealed meals available in kits for up to 7 days, with multilingual heating instructions. Home delivery available in some cities!

Foodservice Products

Versatile, affordable products that are freshly prepared or frozen for self-op districts.

Buffet-Style Meals

Our chef-crafted meals provided in bulk with compliant sides, ideal for plating to order. Unitized add-ons optional.


We provide a full suite of services. Our attentive account teams support you from pre-launch training to participation tracking, and everything in between.

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Research confirmed: healthy meals help drive academic performance

Research by UC Berkeley found that investing in healthy school meal programs is one of the least expensive intervention methods to set our youth up for success. Revolution Foods was ranked the #1 healthiest school meal provider out of all companies studied in the competitive landscape.

A study commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation observed a 13 percent improvement in English Language Arts (ELA) results in schools served by Revolution Foods compared to control schools.

Source: “School Meal Quality and Academic Performance”; Michael L. Anderson et. al; 2018. “Mission Aligned Framework for Investing: Maximizing the Impact of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Mission Driven Investment Portfolio”; KKS Advisors; 2019.

We survey thousands of students each month to ensure our meals exceed expectations and drive participation.

Our team speaks with thousands of students each month

We meet with students in cafeterias throughout the country to get firsthand insights on their preferences.

We develop craveable meals based on student survey insights

Survey results allow us to create customized menus featuring top-rated and culturally relevant meals each day.

Our customized menus based on survey results drive student participation

Our partners who have adopted our customized menus have seen a 3 – 10% increase in meal participation!

We offer delicious and healthy meals throughout the day.


We offer a variety of hot and cold breakfasts, ranging from whole-grain rich cereals and nutrition bars to breakfast sandwiches and scramble bowls. These meals are available for Breakfast In Classroom, Second Chance Breakfast, Grab & Go or line-served meals and are always compliant with: NSLP’s School Breakfast Program and CACFP’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program.


We provide multiple hot and cold entrees and side vegetable options to partners daily, ranging from whole-grain pasta to fresh chef salads. Lunch meals are available unitized or bulk/family-style in a variety of combinations with add-ons such as salad bar. Compliant for: NSLP and CACFP’s ECE Program.


We offer a wide range of snacks including whole-grain rich crackers and yogurt along with fruit or string cheese. Compliant snack options are available for NSLP’s Snack Program and CACFP (ECE and At-Risk Afterschool).


We craft multiple hot and cold meal options that are available to partners daily such as wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls and salads. Supper meals are available as unitized hot meals or cold grab & go options for maximum efficiency. Always compliant with: CACFP At-Risk Afterschool.

Your vision for the meal program, brought to life in three easy steps.

Choose platform

You tell us about your program, and we will recommend the best meal platform(s) based on your needs.

Plan operations

We will review your infrastructure and create a customized operations plan, partnering with you to set up equipment and materials.

Launch & Support

On-site support at launch isn’t our last step. We continue to offer support for the duration of our partnership, from executing operational excellence to driving meal participation.

We offer a full suite of services beyond our meals:

Pre-launch training prepares your staff to kickstart meal program with ease.

Online access to menu production records and waste reports, using our custom portal.

Compliance audits and waiver/reimbursement updates from our in-house dietitians.

Marketing programs to drive engagement and participation from your families.

Attentive account team to provide daily support and on-going monitoring of:

• Menu planning
• Fulfillment tracking and improvement
• Participation and profitability monitoring
• Service change management
• Contingency protocol and planning
• Proactive crisis management
• Compliance review preparation
• Allergen meal reporting
• Equipment allocation and maintenance
• Waste management
• Invoicing


Case Study

Door-to-door deliveries to vulnerable families for Boston Public Schools