Healthy Meals For All
From California's Central Kitchen

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Why we exist
Healthy Meals For All

From California's Central Kitchen

Revolution Foods is a local California-based company that sources, prepares, and delivers nutritious, culturally-diverse, fresh meal solutions for schools and communities addressing food insecurity & inequality. A certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation, Revolution Foods commits annually to demonstrating and measuring social impact, good governance, and public transparency using business as a force for good.

Who We Are

Transforming citywide wellness one meal at a time created and delivered for locals, by locals.

Headquarters: Commerce, CA
Team: 885 Dedicated Employees
Culinary Centers: 3
Meals Per Year: 50,000,000
Community Focused: Certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation since 2011
Backed by Strong Standards: Four categories of unacceptable ingredients that pose a harmful risk to our health including certain artificial colors & sweeteners, flour improvers, & preservatives
Compliant With: NSLP, SBP, CACFP, SFSP, Title III

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Kitchen Staff Preparing Meals
above and beyond compliance and nutrition

The Rev Difference

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every meal we serve is delicious, freshly made, healthy, and compliant with the USDA’s core nutrition programs. But the way we support partners doesn’t stop there. We work with key vendors, associations, and stakeholders throughout the year to reduce operational complexities, increase meal participation, minimize waste, and streamline ordering. At the end of the day our goal is to create a program that you and your community can be proud of!

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Revolution Meal Grid
Go Beyond The Meals
At Revolution Foods, we put people first. Our attentive and dedicated account team supports you from pre-launch training to participation tracking, and everything in between.