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Kristen & Kristen - Founders of Rev Foods
Our Story starts with two businesswomen and moms:  Kristin Groos Richmond started her career in corporate finance and then moved into education, helping to start a school in Kenya and working on teacher recruitment in the US.  Kirsten Saenz Tobey spent her early career as an educator, both in the classroom and in experiential settings in the US and abroad. 

In  2006, Richmond and Tobey’s paths crossed in the MBA program at the University of California Berkeley. Both were passionate about education and worked together to develop a business plan to address one of the biggest gaps they saw in the public education system – access to high quality, healthy meals for all kids. They launched the company the summer after graduating from Cal. Both became parents as they built the company, which strengthened their founding belief that for kids to do well in school, they need the right fuel – fresh nutritious food.  

In 2022, Revolution Foods acquired Better 4 You Meals, enabling the expansion of its operational capacity in California by over fifty percent and helping to scale the mission. Co-founders of Better 4 You Meals, Jacqueline Duvivier, Fernando Castillo, and Jason Roberts brought a shared philosophy of serving healthy meals to the table. The combination of companies bring the best of both together, having an even more profound impact on providing healthful alternatives to food insecurity within the K12 and senior population.

Today, we are proud to present to you, Revolution Foods, the only certified B Corp and PBC that was built to prepare, serve and help eliminate food insecurity for K12 students, community members, and beyond.

What Does It Mean to be a B Corp &
Public Benefit Corp?

From the day we started, we have always had a strong commitment to being a mission-driven company. By the nature of what we do as a business, we are able to have a positive impact with every meal and every community member we serve. We believe providing access to fresh, healthy meals is a key lever to setting students and seniors up for success. When we learned about B Corp certification – a third-party validation of a company’s mission commitment – we saw it as a great way to memorialize these values and practices. We believe our B Corp certification and Public Benefit Corporation status helps to build trust with customers, as well as pride among our employees. It puts our mission into the legal DNA of the business, guaranteeing these values will survive in the long term as the company grows.

The B Corp certification process measures companies in five key areas: governance, employment practices, community impact, environment, and customer impact. Because our core business is fundamentally linked to improving health and wellness in our communities, our community impact is substantial. We serve over 50 million meals annually and remain committed to partnering with local growers and producers to create a sustainable & local supply chain. We also focused on building a clean label supply chain that provides more transparency in the sourcing of clean ingredients in K12 and youth programs to minimize health and environmental impact in the long run.

We’re proud to be part of this growing movement and ensure companies of all sizes recognize the benefits to using business as a force for good.Learn more about B Corporations,  Public Benefit Corporations, and view our B Corporation profile!

Revolution Foods works with trusted brands, Balance Foods and Moreno Brothers, to deliver a variety of fresh baked products and snacks to schools throughout California.