Healthy school meals crafted with a student focus.

Because food is a fundamental component of education and thoughtful meals provide the foundation for learning readiness.
Two students holding healthy school meals.
What We Offer

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Supper

Meal Innovation & Variety

Over 40 unique chef-crafted meals prepared the way you prefer; individually wrapped, buffet style, or bagged for field trips. Six lunch options daily, meeting the diverse needs of all students including allergen friendly meals.

Fully Compliant & Reimbursable

Standard breakfast, lunch, snack, supper, field trip, or after school - all designed to be 100% NSLP, SBP, SFSP, and CACFP compliant giving us 100% audit pass rates.
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Reliable Delivery
On Time & In Full

We strive to deliver exactly what you ordered on time and in full by tirelessly working to build a stable supply chain with trusted partners. That confidence shows in the smiles of our transportation team as they deliver meals.

Unparalleled Quality & Ingredient Standards

Built with nutrition and student satisfaction first, but never sacrificing quality. All meals meet our clean label standards which span  unacceptable additives, artificial colors & sweeteners & harmful preservatives.

Not Just a Meal Service, But a Full Service Partner

  • Analysis of your school food program
  • Guidance with Audits & Reviews
  • Nutritional analysis support
  • Production and transportation records
  • Waste management evaluation  
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative
Go Beyond The Meals
We provide a full suite of services, putting our customers are the heart of everything we do. Our attentive account team supports you from pre-launch training to participation tracking, and everything in between.