Clean, high-quality ingredients make the best meals

We believe everyone deserves healthy and great-tasting food.

Personal Surveys

We connect with thousands of our consumers every month to understand what you value and enjoy.

Crafted by Chefs

Our award-winning chefs call on their catering and restaurant experiences to craft delicious, culturally relevant meals.


With in-house dietitians, we ensure your meals always exceed federal dietary requirements.

Quality Ingredients

We source ingredients that meet our clean label standards, no matter where you are in the country.

Designed for you—no matter who you are.

Targeted Nutrition

So you will feel fulfilled and energized, no matter if you’re in Middle School or on Medicaid.

Culturally Relevant

We serve a variety of populations, and our wide product portfolio and region-specific menus reflect that.

A Perfect Fit

Our food meets you where you are, from the lunch line to an airline.

Every ingredient is carefully selected to meet our clean label standards

Our procurement team ensures you are always eating clean:

• Dairy products are always rBST free

• Whole grains, from brown rice to whole-grain rich unbleached flour.

• USDA high-grade quality meat, never mechanically separated.

• Local vegetable options by region

• Fresh whole fruit, with seasonal highlights

• Cage-free eggs

Plus, our never-ever list means there’s a lot you won’t find in our food, such as artificial colors / flavors / sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, fully hydrogenated fats, or sodium nitrites / nitrates.

With like-minded partners, we bring healthy food to underserved communities

Eat. Learn. Play.
Oakland, CA

Revolution Foods teamed up with Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and City of Oakland to provide breakfasts and family-style community dinners for over 5,000 children across Oakland’s 20 Town Camps in summer 2019.

In addition to enjoying free breakfast items such as fruit & yogurt parfaits and cheese omelets every day, children and their families get to taste new vegetables such as kale and learn how to make delicious, healthy meals at Revolution Foods’ mobile kitchen classroom during each site’s dinner event.

“As parents, we see a multitude of unique opportunities our kids have access to, and our hope is that Eat. Learn. Play., together with key partners including Revolution Foods, will positively impact children in our community to live out their dreams.”
– Stephen & Ayesha Curry