‘You’re a cutie’ Printable Valentine’s Tags

April 20, 2023
min read

Looking for a healthy Valentines day treat that your kids will love sharing with their classmates?

These ‘You’re a cutie’ Printable Valentine’s Tags with a mandarin orange are the perfect solution. They’re unique, festive, and will stand out among the pile of chocolates. Assemble the Valentines with your kids for a fun afternoon project that you can complete in 15 minutes, depending on the class size.

Supplies Needed:

Step 1:
Print out the tags on white card-stock. Use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut the tags apart, and punch a hole in each tag.

Step 2:
Have your kids fill out the to and from information on the back of the tag.

Step 3:
Place each cutie in a 4 inch X 6-inch treat bag and tie using twine.

Step 4:
Using another strand of twine, tie on the tag to secure.

Now you have a Valentine’s day treat that you can feel good about sending your kid to school with. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get even more kid-friendly craft ideas, healthy recipes, parent tips and more!

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