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May 14, 2024
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At Revolution Foods, we’re a business with a purpose. Our mission is to expand access to nutritious meals for children and seniors in need. Because of this strong commitment to purpose and transparency, Revolution Foods has been recognized as a B Corporation since 2009 – a third-party validation of our company’s pledge to being a force for good. 

What does it mean to be a B Corporation?

Certified B Corps are redefining the meaning of business success by prioritizing social impact – purpose, people, and planet – in addition to traditional benchmarks. The certification sets mission-driven companies like Revolution Foods apart from those driven solely by profit.

We’re honored to serve more than 45 million nutritious meals per year, with 63% going to low-income children. Most recently, we’ve expanded our services to include free meals for seniors facing food insecurity. All Revolution Foods meals meet or exceed federal nutrition and ingredient standards so we can help build lifelong healthy eaters at the start of their lives – and sustain seniors during their sunset years. 

“How we measure success ultimately is how many meals we serve to the communities that need them,” said Revolution Foods CEO Dominic Engels. “More than half of the children we serve count on these meals as the healthiest – and maybe only – meal they’ll eat that day. Senior food insecurity is also a critical and growing issue that we’re dedicated to addressing across California.” 

Revolution Foods recently partnered with the City of L.A. to deliver meals to homebound seniors facing mobility challenges in a heavily car-dependent city. We have a similar program in Kern County and provide grab-and-go frozen meals to seniors in West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley. 

As part of our commitment to food insecurity among California seniors, we’re finding innovative ways to expand access to senior meal services. That includes a creative partnership with The Loop Village and the YWCA of San Gabriel Valley to provide seniors with a free virtual community and online classes alongside grab-and-go meals. 

“We bring everything we do back to our mission of expanding meal access to communities in need,” Engles said. “So we were proud to be recognized as a B Corp and the ‘2019 and 2022 Best for the World Company’ for our impact with our customers on transforming citywide wellness.”

In addition to having the B Corp certification, Revolution Foods has also been registered as a Public Benefit Corporation since 2021.

How does a company qualify as a B Corporation?

B Corp certification is provided by B Lab – a nonprofit network that scores businesses across five key areas: customer impact, community impact, employment practices, environmental impact, and governance. 

“This scoring process implies complete transparency in how our company uses its resources to help people,” Engles said. “Third-party validation from B Lab is important to know that an organization outside of ourselves or our customers can confirm the benefits of our work.”

At Revolution Foods, we place a strong emphasis on customer and community impact. Partnering with local governments, schools and school districts, we work together to feed as many people as possible in vulnerable communities. Revolution Foods also views our employees as part of a team that works collectively toward our greater mission. Our company embraces fair and positive employment practices. And when it comes to environmental impact, Revolution Foods aims to keep supply chains local and sustainable by partnering with California growers and producers as often as possible. 

Our B Corp certification validates and reinforces Revolution Foods' mission to serve healthy meals to communities in need across California and Nevada. Companies must recertify as a B Corp every three years – a rigorous process Revolution Foods has undergone four times since its initial certification. The recertification process ensures that B Corps continue to actively and passionately work to advance that larger social mission. 

“If you go through the hard work when you found a company and build it up as socially conscious, operating as mission-driven becomes a seamless part of the culture and how the company operates,” Engels said. “I want to be an example that a business can be successful, and at the same time help others.”

We’re thrilled to be a part of the growing movement that encourages companies to use business to create a better world.

Learn more about the B Corp mission and certification process or view the directory of other B Corps such as Patagonia, Toms, Amy’s, Thrive, Dr. Bronner’s by visiting https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/ 

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