This Goal Setting Worksheet is Perfect for Back to School Season

April 20, 2023
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Help your kids have their best school year yet by setting them up for success with aspirational goals that they can work towards throughout the year. Our free downloadable goal setting worksheet available in color or in black and white makes setting goals a fun activity that kids will look forward to.

Help your kids form powerful lifelong habits

Learning goal setting is great for kids because it teaches them to take responsibility for their own behaviors and learning. It promotes a “can-do” attitude and forms a powerful lifelong habit. While your kids are filling out the goal-setting worksheet, try asking questions like what’s something you wish you could achieve, or what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Celebrate small victories

Place the filled out sheet on the refrigerator or bulletin board so that your kids can be reminded of what goals they are aiming to achieve. Check-in with them from time to time on how they are progressing throughout the year to make sure they are staying on track. Continually celebrate their effort, determination, and persistence together as a team!

Eating healthy helps kids achieve their academic potential

A key part of helping kids achieve their academic potential starts with eating healthy meals that are packed with nutrition. At RevolutionFoods, we design nutrient-dense, kid-inspired and chef-crafted meals that drive academic outcomes. A recent study found that students perform better in English Language Arts (ELA) in schools that serve our meals. If you would like to see our great tasting, healthy meals in your kids’ school, contact your school administrator and present Revolution Foods as a key partner.

Go Beyond The Meals
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