School Lunch Served Family Style

April 21, 2023
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As a company on a mission to build life-long healthy eaters, we’re excited to see our family style dining platform well received by students across the country. Students who previously brought their lunches from home are now lining up to get our great tasting, healthy meals.

Read on to learn more about our family style dining platform and find out if it’s right for your school.

school lunch served family style

What is Revolution Foods family style dining platform?

Our family style dining platform is served on a service line in bulk format, which allows students to experience the wonderful aroma of ingredients and quickly see the delicious offerings of the day. The food is beautifully served on a plate which provides a familiar home-style experience.

Here’s why students love our family style dining platform?

  1. The delicious aroma piques interest and kickstarts students’ appetites
    As students walk by the cafeteria, they get a delicious whiff of classic spaghetti and meatballs, enchiladas, or mac and cheese and are instantly curious about what’s being served for lunch. By lunchtime, hunger is in full swing, and the students can’t wait to get a Revolution Foods meal.

  2. The dining format mimics students’ favorite fast-casual restaurants
    Students can easily see the food in our customized line service displays as they enter the lunch line. This provides a familiar restaurant style service that is appealing to students.

  3. Great tasting food is always served with a smile
    The serving staff provides friendly customer service to each student as they plate the meals and encourages them to try new fruits and vegetables.

School administrators approve our family style dining platform as well

We have received positive feedback from administrators and cafeteria staff alike, noting that students are now even more excited to get the school meal and that switching from unitized meals to family style was a smooth process.

Our partners who converted from unitized meals to the family style dining platform during the 2018 – 2019 school year saw an average daily student participation increase of 11%+.

Want school lunch served family style in your school?

Together with you, we have the opportunity to bring family style meals to your school with minimal hassle or intensity of operations, elevating your students’ meal experience. We can work with any facility, even the most constrained, to deliver this platform to your students.

Contact us to learn more about our family style dining platform and schedule a tasting session to test out this platform with your students.

Go Beyond The Meals
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