Revolution Foods is now a Public Benefit Corporation

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May 31, 2023
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At Revolution Foods, we are committed to transforming citywide wellness by providing healthy, culturally relevant, and affordable meals for school and community feeding programs nationwide. We took a step toward codifying this commitment when we first became certified as a B Corp in 2009. This month, we announced the company’s conversion to a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), even further weaving our commitment to operating sustainably and generating social impact into our corporate governance.

With school meals at our foundation, Revolution Foods has long been dedicated to creating meals that meet or exceed nutrition and ingredient standards set by the federal government and making its products accessible throughout the U.S., including in low-income communities. Widespread distribution of healthy meals has become even more critical as the pandemic continues to exacerbate food insecurity for vulnerable populations, and we have responded by expanding our ability to serve communities in need throughout the pandemic.

As a PBC, we will continue our work as a for-profit company while deepening our social mission of large-scale food systems change through higher standards of purpose, transparency, and accountability.  We will also remain a certified B Corp to satisfy the reporting requirements of being a PBC.

Becoming a PBC now cements our commitment to balancing mission and profit, while solidifying our commitment to ensuring that every meal we serve has a direct impact on transforming lives and addressing food insecurity in a scalable manner.

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