National School Lunch Week Hero Spotlight – Golden Charter Academy

April 20, 2023
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To cap off National School Lunch Week, we would like to celebrate the work of a new school partner, Golden Charter Academy. Golden Charter Academy opened its doors in the Fall of 2021. Located in the Fresno Unified School District, Golden Charter is the first of its kind, offering a curriculum built on animal and plant life. Fresno Chaffee Zoo serves as an extension of the classroom for students to learn to be citizens in a worldwide community and stewards of the planet. Eating nutritious and fresh school meals feels like a natural extension of GCA’s mission. Here is a brief look into how Mr. Golden, President and CEO of Golden Charter Academy, is thinking about the importance of school meals at GCA.

Why is serving healthy fresh food important to Golden Charter?

Serving healthy fresh food is important to GCA because when you have a healthy body, you have a healthy mind. In order for our students to be at their very best, it is important that we give them the best quality of food possible.

Why did Golden Charter choose Revolution Foods for their partner for breakfast, lunch, and snack?

Golden Charter Academy chose Revolution Foods to be our nutritional partner because of the quality of food they offer and the food is very delicious.

What do you think students want/need from their school meal programs?

Golden Charter Academy students wanted hot meals and Revolution Foods helped provide that. They give us a variety of options to serve our students what they desire.

What is Golden Charter’s biggest obstacle in the cafeteria?

Golden Charter Academy’s biggest obstacle in the cafeteria is….. Don’t have one. (Hooray! The Rev Team celebrates this!)

Give us a fun fact!

A fun fact about Golden Charter Academy is that all leftover food goes into our compost bins to provide soil for our school garden.

Here are a few pictures of the wonderful work that is happening around GCA:

Mr. Golden, THANK YOU for all you do in serving your school community!

We hope all of our school lunch heroes had an amazing week celebrating the impact you have on students’ lives! Every week should be School Lunch Week!

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