Hidden Veggie Recipes the Whole Family Can Enjoy

April 21, 2023
min read

“Eat your vegetables.”


“Eat your vegetables!”



“NO! NO! NO!”

You try time and time again to keep your cool during the ongoing battle over veggies, but your fierce opponent is budging. What do you do? Surely we can’t give up just yet because vegetables are an important and necessary part of our diets.

From sweet to savory, we’ve got a lineup of some of the best hidden veggie recipes around.

30-Minute Veggie Loaded Tomato Sauce
Creating lifelong healthy eaters takes baby steps, and sometimes even a little sneaking around.

Recipe via: The Natural Nurturer

Zucchini Parmesan Chips
If you love Parmesan raise your hand and then go make these amazingly simple, totally addictive two-ingredient chips.

Recipe via: Delish

Two-Bite Veggie Brownies
Two bites, two veggies and completely gluten free!

Recipe via: The Healthy Maven

Veggie Pops!

These healthy veggie popsicles hit the spot — zero added sugar and are full of all the vitamins and fat-fighting fiber that veggies come with!

Recipe via: Family Maven

Carrot Berry Applesauce

Adding carrots to delicious berry applesauce can make carrot eating common even for a non-carrot loving kiddo.

Recipe via: Super Healthy Kids

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