5 tips to increase school meal participation

April 24, 2023
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We’re so excited to see kids going back to school!

As you prepare to welcome students back to the classrooms, we want to make sure they are more excited than ever to enjoy school meals so they are well nourished and ready to learn.

We’ve listed a few tips and tricks to drive meal participation and make your students feel like they never left!  

Give your students their favorites

It’s been a while since your students have been back in school, so you want to make them feel as welcomed as possible. Serving up their favorite meals is bound to deliver a great back to school experience for them!

Jazz up the cafeteria

Create a comfortable setting for your students so that they are having the most enjoyable experience while eating, even with the new COVID protocols. Revolution Foods has plenty of fun posters that encourage healthy habits and spice up your space.  

Gamify meal participation

What better way to increase meal participation than to turn it into a game? From raffles to golden tickets, there are plenty of ways to encourage students to eat as many meals as possible. Contact your Regional Partnership Managers to learn more.

Offer up more variety of fresh foods

Introduce a healthy variety of food that may not have been available at meal pickup sites, such as salads, wraps and other more perishable meals. Satisfy your students’ taste buds with delicious foods that they didn’t get to enjoy over the past year.

Listen to your students

The pandemic has taught us that change is inevitable, and that we need to be flexible. Partner with your staff and your Revolution Foods team to conduct weekly student surveys and adjust your menu offerings based on your kids’ taste preferences. What they like now may be totally different from what they enjoyed the last time they were on campus.

There’s a lot that kids have to worry about with going back to in-person learning, and we hope that with these tips, enjoying healthy and delicious meals is not one of them. Contact your Revolution Foods team for more ideas on how to increase meal participation and deliver the best experience possible for your students!  

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