10 School Year '23 Rev Enhancements to Celebrate

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December 13, 2023
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Since the beginning of the school year, we have delivered over 15 million meals to schools across California and Nevada. From menu concept to meal consumption, there is a dedicated team behind every aspect of the final delivery. This team is not satisfied with the status quo and through a critical lens identifies opportunities to make tweaks and enhancements.  As 2023 concludes, we want to celebrate how far we’ve come together and get excited about what’s next in 2024!

Top 10 2023 Rev Enhancements:

  1. Overhauled the Menu: Every recipe and meal component was tested, considered, and adjusted. A new menu structure was developed which included up to five daily options covering a variety of meal types with over 30 unique meals offered per month and a quarterly refresh to keep meal programs interesting.
  1. School Visits: Our team is out and about in the community to drop off OVS posters and to have strategic conversations about the specifics of your meal program. We love visiting. Reach out to your dedicated customer service manager to request a visit!
  1. Opportunities to Be Heard: Our bi-annual NPS survey was fielded in October and will open again in April. Our survey committee has analyzed each response and created an action plan which will impact 2024 improvements! In January, we are piloting a student meal survey kiosk in 4 schools.
  1. Facilities and Operations: A new packaging machine is on its way which will increase meal production capacity. We’re also actively recruiting and expanding our team of drivers to keep our fleet of over 150 trucks fully operational daily!
  1. Special Meal Events: 3rd Party Pizza Days, On-campus Grill Days, and Buffet Style meals are being tested, piloted, and launched. Be on the lookout for one or more of these programs coming to your region soon.
  1. Launched Centro: A custom-built ordering system which serves as your ordering hub. Since launch, Centro was improved for speed and further customized to include a Day-Off module which gives schools additional meal options when returning from a break.
  1. Menu Committees In-Person: Included facility tours and meal tastings! Attendees said, “It was a great experience! We loved visiting the Commerce facility!”
  1. Seasonal Delights: From our spooky orange concha to a traditional holiday lunch, we aim to provide you with ways to get festive!
  1. Resource Center: Online and including a variety of resources to help operators take advantage of best practices and further promote meal programs. Multilingual meal cards, parent letters, and comprehensive handbooks are just a few resources available.
  1. Artisan Products in Rotation: We now offer several artisan products within our menus which are crafted specifically for your students. These include some of our bread and bakery products as well as our Poptilla chips!  

School meals are a fundamental component of education and we celebrate the work that all of our partners do to get meals into the hands of hungry students. We're looking forward to all that 2024 has in store! Happy Holidays from our team to yours!

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