National capabilities, local knowledge

With regional hubs and a diverse team, we understand local tastes.

Personal Surveys

We connect with thousands of our consumers every month to understand what you value and enjoy.

Product Development

Our chefs and dietitians take local dishes and give them a wholesome update. Just as delicious, better for you, and more convenient.

Local Operations

Our regional culinary centers mean your food is prepared locally, for locals and by locals. We are proud to hire in the markets we serve.


With our 6 culinary centers, a diverse Oakland office team, and remote employees located throughout dozens of metro areas, we can proudly say we know the communities we serve.

Take a look at some regional favorites

Washington, D.C.: Mumbo Chicken

Our mumbo sauces, a D.C. favorite, is made with pineapple, hot sauce, sugar, vinegar and a little tomato paste.

Houston: BBQ Chicken with Biscuit

Our Texas favorite features tangy pinto beans and shredded chicken, smothered in our sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, served with a golden-brown, whole-grain biscuit.

Los Angeles: Enchilada

SoCal families love our whole-grain tortilla, loaded with cheddar cheese and topped with a classic enchilada sauce.

Oakland: Korean BBQ Beef

Our thinly-spiced beef is drizzled with a sweet and slightly spicy glaze of tamari sauce, mild red chile paste, sesame seeds and green onions.

New Orleans: Jambalaya

Inspired by Louisiana’s traditional one-pot rice dish, our jambalaya is a hearty meal of long-grain brown rice sautéed with onions, green bell peppers, celery, tomatoes and classic Cajun seasonings, loaded with smoky chicken sausage and diced grilled chicken.

Boston: Chicken Pesto Pasta Salad

Students in Boston crave for our whole-grain pasta tossed in a classic pesto sauce and topped with diced chicken and shredded Parmesan cheese.

Case Study

Local partnerships support New Orleans COVID relief meal program