Designing and delivering great-tasting, healthy products for all

We create unique products to meet our customers' needs.

Unitized Meals

Designed for customers currently using a vended meal model and/or satellite locations, we offer unitized meals for ease of service and portioning.

Multi-Day Meal Boxes

Multiple days’ worth of reimbursable individually-sealed meals with multilingual at-home storage and heating guides.

Foodservice Products

Our portfolio of affordable foodservice products offers flexible formats to best suit the needs of our partners, complementing their vision for the overall platform.

Family Style Meals

This offering provides entrees in bulk designed to be plated to order, with compliant sides and optional unitized additions.

We offer delicious and healthy meals throughout the day.


We offer a variety of hot and cold breakfasts, ranging from whole-grain rich cereals and nutrition bars to breakfast sandwiches and scramble bowls. These meals are available for Breakfast In Classroom, Second Chance Breakfast, Grab & Go or line-served meals and are always compliant with: NSLP’s School Breakfast Program and CACFP’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program.


We provide multiple hot and cold entrees and side vegetable options to partners daily, ranging from whole-grain pasta to fresh chef salads. Lunch meals are available unitized or bulk/family-style in a variety of combinations with add-ons such as salad bar. Compliant for: NSLP and CACFP’s ECE Program.


We offer a wide range of snacks including whole-grain rich crackers, nutrition bars, and yogurt along with fruit or string cheese. Compliant snack options are available for NSLP’s Snack Program and CACFP (ECE and At-Risk Afterschool).


We craft multiple hot and cold meal options that are available to partners daily such as wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls and salads. Supper meals are available as unitized hot meals or cold grab & go options for maximum efficiency. Always compliant with: CACFP At-Risk Afterschool.