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Offering a wide range of meal programs and solutions to meet your needs

We serve a wide range of schools and organizations across the country.

Early Childhood Education

We make it easy for providers to fulfill the unique needs of preschool-aged children.

School Districts

We support school districts with turnkey and flexible solutions in partnership with food service directors.

Charter Networks

We partner with charters to create customized meal solutions that meet their individual needs.

Community & After School Youth Programs

We work with after school programs, food banks and community organizations to expand food access beyond the school day through supper & summer services.

We offer delicious, nutritious and compliant meals throughout the day.


We offer a variety of hot and cold breakfasts, ranging from whole-grain rich cereals and nutrition bars to breakfast sandwiches and scramble bowls. These meals are available for Breakfast In Classroom, grab & go or line-served meals and are always compliant with: NSLP’s School Breakfast Program and CACFP’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program.


We provide multiple hot and cold entrees and side vegetables options to partners daily, ranging from whole-grain pastas to fresh chef salads. Lunch meals are available unitized or bulk/family-style in a variety of combinations with add-ons such as salad bar. Compliant for: NSLP and CACFP’s ECE Program.


We offer a wide range of snacks including whole-grain rich crackers, nutrition bars and yogurt along with fruit or string cheese. Compliant snack options available for: NSLP’s Snack Program and CACFP (ECE and At-Risk Afterschool).


We craft multiple hot and cold meal options that are available to partners daily such as wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls and salads. Supper meals are available as unitized hot meals or cold grab & go options for maximum efficiency. Always compliant with: CACFP At-Risk Afterschool.

We offer a suite of service options for partners looking for program management support.

Onsite Service

We support staff with training on service, efficiency and nutrition to enhance the school nutrition program.

Onsite Meal Preparation

We support partners equipped with working kitchens so meals can be prepared onsite to enhance the overall meal experience and presentation to drive student participation.

Ordering and Waste Management

We advise on school meal selection and ordering to reduce schools’ time spent monitoring meal popularity and financial risk associated with variances between what is ordered and consumed.

Point of Sale Support

We provide training and support on POS systems, including monthly reports and claims.

Nutritional and Operational Compliance Support

Our team of Registered Dietitians, nutritionists and compliance experts are available to assist with full audit support, daily menu production records and comprehensive allergen & nutritional reports.

Total Customer Support

Our dedicated regional partnership teams are committed to delivering impact beyond the school cafeteria.

Together with our best-in-class community partners, we empower students to make smart food and lifestyle choices.

Nutrition Curriculum

We offer nutrition education and food justice classes or curriculum.

Culinary Experience

We provide hands-on opportunities for students with cooking classes and tasting panels.

Field Trips

We go beyond the classroom with gardening lessons and culinary center tours.

Bringing our Nutrition Advocacy Program on the road!

Hands On, Immersive Food Education

Our mobile kitchen classroom promotes nutrition education, provides hands-on culinary instructions, and immerses students in a world of new and exciting foods. During this experiential learning course, students have the opportunity to master cooking techniques and healthy eating habits beyond the classroom.