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Designing and delivering great-tasting, healthy food for all

We create unique products to meet our customers' needs.

Individual Meals

Designed for customers currently using a vended meal model and/or satellite locations, we offer individually packaged meals for ease of service and portioning.

Family Style Meals

This offering provides entrees in bulk designed to be plated to order, with compliant sides and optional unitized additions.

Foodservice Products

Our portfolio of affordable foodservice products offers flexible formats to best suit the needs of our partners, complementing their vision for the overall platform.

We design, produce and deliver a wide range of meal products throughout the day.


Hot Breakfast
Cold Breakfast
Grab & Go
Fruit of the Day


Hot Entree (unitized or family style)
Cold Entree (unitized)
Side Vegetables (unitized or family style)
Fruit of the Day (whole and cut fruit)
Salad Bar
Custom Blended Spices


Single-Serve Snack
Fruit of the Day


Hot Supper
Cold Supper
Grab & Go
Supper Kits
Fruit of the Day