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Cultivating a lifelong appreciation for real food

We make great tasting, healthy food that is kid-inspired, chef-crafted™.

Designed with Kids

We engage students at every step of the development process to ensure we create food they will love.

Created by Chefs

Our chefs craft culturally and regionally relevant menus to deliver great-tasting meals that broaden students’ palates.

Nutritionally Balanced

We thoughtfully craft well-balanced meals that exceed nutrition guidelines to ensure the highest level of nutrition.

High-Quality Ingredients

We partner with a variety of local, regional and national vendors to source high-quality ingredients that meet our clean label standards.

We offer a range of nutritious school and community meals that fuel students throughout the day.





We believe all students deserve access to real food made with high-quality ingredients.


100% whole-grain rich, unbleached flour


USDA high-grade quality, never mechanically separated meat


rBST free


Fresh, whole fruit


Local options by region

Our commitment to a clean label supply chain means there's a lot you won't find in our food.

No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

No high fructose corn syrup, MSG, benzoates, bromates or sulfites.

No partially or fully hydrogenated fats/oils.

No BHA, BHT, TBHQ or sodium nitrites/nitrates.

Research conducted by UC Berkeley and KKS Advisors confirmed:

Providing healthy school meals has a positive correlation to students' academic outcomes.

Investing in healthy school meal programs is one of the least expensive intervention methods to set our youth up for success.

Revolution Foods was ranked the #1 healthiest school meal provider out of all companies studied in the competitive landscape.

A 13 percent improvement in English Language Arts (ELA) results was observed in schools served by Revolution Foods compared to control schools.

Source: “School Meal Quality and Academic Performance”; Michael L. Anderson et. al; 2018. “Mission Aligned Framework for Investing: Maximizing the Impact of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Mission Driven Investment Portfolio”; KKS Advisors; 2019.