Our People

Why I am joining Revolution Foods by Tammy Wincup

Our People

My recent “retirement” lasted just a bit longer than Tom Brady.  Here is what brought me back onto the playing field – Revolution Foods. 

During COVID, as a nation, we collectively became more aware of the fact that more than 38 million people in our country, including 12 million children, are food insecure.  Heroes in education and communities live this reality. When schools close for summer – or a pandemic – the one place for reliable daily meals, healthy or not, also goes away.  It shouldn’t be that way.

It’s not just our children. Food insecurity is rampant with our seniors as well. I’ve had a front row seat to helping care for a disabled veteran father in and out of Medicare and VA funded senior centers until his passing. The nutritional value of green jello and a stale bun offered little sustenance to these heroes. It shouldn’t be that way.   

Since 2006, when Kristen Groos Richmond and Kirsten Tobey founded Revolution Foods, the mission has been to transform school and community wellness by making healthy foods accessible. Today, this Certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation has produced over 500 million healthy meals for over 2,500 public and public charter schools in over 500 communities across the country. What others found impossible, they turned into an impactful company. 

I am thrilled to join Revolution Foods’ new CEO Dominic Engels and the entire team in this next chapter for the company. Through support from incredible investors and board members including Emerson Collective with Arne Duncan, Revolution Growth with Steve Case and Kristin Gunther, L2 Point with Kerstin Dittmar, and Jed Smith with Catamount Ventures, we are poised for continued success. 

At a time when our nation, and even our classrooms, are polarized, healthy foods for children, families, and seniors – in red and blue states, urban and rural – can be the building block across a shared communal table. Here is how you can help:

  1. Bring healthy and culturally sensitive Revolution Foods meals to your K-12 school. 
  1. Ensure your local community organizations are providing healthy meals to at-risk populations. For example we already work with Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCAs.
  1. Join our team. Career opportunities HERE!
  1. Raise your voice to your congressional representatives to extend the USDA child nutrition waiver.

Tom Brady apparently has unfinished business, and so do we.  Let’s go.

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