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White Paper: Reinventing School Meal Program for Health and Flexibility During COVID-19

Community & Partnerships

Uncertainty is the watchword for back-to-school 2020. Districts and charters are making plans for three different scenarios in the fall: students returning to campus full time, full-time remote learning, or a hybrid model combining both onsite and distance learning.

Distributing healthy school meals, regardless of the reopening scenario, will remain a key piece of the puzzle as districts and charters plan for an unusual and disrupted school year.

At Revolution Foods, we’ve produced and delivered over thirty million meals with our school and community partners throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are sharing our best practices with school leaders in a new white paper, Reinventing School Meal Program for Health and Flexibility During COVID-19.

The white paper will address:

  • How districts have pivoted in order to continue, and in some cases expand, their meal service to students;
  • Best practices for operating a healthy and sustainable school meal program this fall, regardless of the school environment (whether remote or in-person); and
  • The important connection between healthy meals and academic outcomes

Download the white paper here for best practices that will help you relaunch your school meal program this fall.