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Our Journey

Welcoming Our New CFO: Q&A with Denise Beckles!

Our Journey

We’re excited to share that Denise Beckles, a finance executive with over 25 years of experience in finance, operations and strategic planning, recently joined the team as our new Chief Financial Officer!

Prior to joining Revolution Foods, Denise worked at Godiva Chocolatier where she held 3 roles simultaneously, Chief Financial Officer of North America, Chief Strategy Officer and Global Head of Financial Planning and Analysis for the global business. Previously, she spent over 5 years with Pernod Ricard USA where she held various senior leadership roles in finance, strategy and business development. She has two children who are the center of her world, both studying in England at Lancaster University, and a fabulous dog, Plato.

Read on to get to know Denise!


What drew you to Revolution Foods?
It was the company’s mission of building life-long healthy eaters. I don’t consider myself a “foodie,” but I strongly believe in the connection between food, health and well-being. I care immensely about making sure all children, regardless of socioeconomic background, have access to food that will provide for healthy living, fueling them to help them achieve whatever they have been put on this Earth to do. It’s critical that all children have access to healthy, balanced diets, which has been proven to create stronger developmental outcomes. This means a great deal to me.

Additionally, if you instill healthy eating habits from a young age, it’s easier to develop a healthy lifestyle that will be sustained throughout adulthood. So many health-related issues in this country stem from poor diet, with great implications on health care costs. If we invest in children’s health and well-being via quality food from the beginning, we’re addressing the root cause of many of our healthcare burdens.


As the finance leader, what are some of your priorities at Revolution Foods? What type of impact do you hope to make?
I’m excited to be here as we head into the next chapter in the company’s journey. This next phase is all about continued growth and profitability. As a strategic finance leader with strong operational and commercial knowledge at my core, I don’t look at just the numbers, but the whole business in the context of our goals. One of our priorities company-wide that I’m proud to be part of, is helping to set our business strategy for the next 3-5 years to create a robust financial environment that fosters even stronger success. We need to find ways that enable us to grow profitably, in a sustainable manner.

I hope that our team can help make this company extremely successful, profitable, continue our double-digit growth and create a lasting legacy. I believe we have the ability to create a brand that is known for being a true game-changer in the food space at large; not just the “healthy food industry or wellness space,” as ALL food should be healthy.


As a busy working mom of two, what are your tips for raising healthy eaters?
My kids are now grown and are the most amazing individuals. They always have an opinion on just about everything. They have always had a natural affinity for healthy food and wellness. That is not to say that they do not eat things that we may not consider “healthy.”  What I would say is that in those circumstances, they do things in moderation. They both care a great deal for their physical and spiritual well-being, are quite active, and view food from the perspective of living a healthy lifestyle. I actually learned a lot from them and they helped make sure that I stayed as healthy as possible.

When they were little, I wasn’t particularly concerned with what they couldn’t eat, but more with making sure that they had healthy, well-balanced options. I made sure to expose them to a variety of food from a wide range of cultures, and a lot of their friends were from families who introduced them to even more global foods. As a family, we try to always make sure that food is fun and interesting, and a pathway to understanding other cultures, in addition to being healthy.


When you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you do with it?
Yoga & reading. Yoga is very spiritual for me and has brought such balance to my life. In fact, my daughter is the one who introduced me to yoga. I feel healthier and centered because of it. I try to practice each day – though sometimes it’s hard to find the time! On the subject of reading, I like light, fun reading that takes my mind to another place. I especially like novels with a historical perspective.


What was something you learned in the last week?
To listen a little bit more. Make sure you create space for others to have a voice and truly take in what they’re saying. I think it’s important to take the time to be reflective on the input of those around you before you respond.