Our Journey

Meet Our New Head of Culinary Excellence, Chef Cliff!

Our Journey

Clifton Lyles is an award-winning chef who specializes in creating culinary-inspired, nutritious meals at a mass scale. From turning airplane meals into a hot commodity to making clean, gluten-free dishes delicious, Chef Cliff is known in the U.S. and abroad for creating award winning & high-quality food. Check out his video to see how he is bringing our Food Philosophy to life!

Elevating Our "Kid-Inspired, Chef-Crafted" Approach

With Chef Cliff's culinary leadership, Revolution Foods is continuing to deepen our understanding of our consumers' preferences so that we can build upon our unique kid-inspired, chef-crafted approach to product development. This includes:

  • Deepening our understanding of how kids make food decisions and the many contributing factors to "kid appeal" (i.e. taste, aroma, packaging, presentation & delivery)
  • Co-designing meals with students & testing every new menu innovation or reform concept at various stage-gates
  • Taking a data-driven approach to kid-testing - developing SOPs for collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative information
  • Developing & customizing more variety of our menu items to drive student engagement

"At its core, our product development process will be focused on elevating the kid-appeal factor. We want to engage kids and give them what they want, in a way that is still healthy, nutritious, and palate-expanding."

- Chef Cliff

If you would like more information about Revolution Foods or to schedule a tasting for your organization, please let us know!