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Amplifying Student Voice: Survey Program with SFUSD

Community & Partnerships

Revolution Foods has been collaborating with SFUSD since 2013 to ensure it designs and delivers culturally relevant meals for one of the nation’s most diverse districts. Together with SFUSD, we co-designed and launched a survey program in SY19-20 to gauge meal satisfaction among students and staff.

We utilized creative ways to collect survey results, including 1:1 interviews with students in the cafeteria, weekly survey emails to area supervisors, tastings with students hosted by our chefs, and multilingual postcards with survey links for take-home meals. 

The survey responses we’ve received to date have led to continuous improvements of SFUSD’s meals program.

What we received 

  • 3,500+ survey responses from students, staff, and parents
  • Quantitative and qualitative feedback from students and parents on 50+ menu items
  • Quantitate and qualitative feedback from staff on food quality, menu selection, meal delivery, customer service, and compliance

What we implemented

  • Monthly menu improvements to constantly feature student favorites and culturally relevant meals
  • Innovations such as breakfast waffles and chicken & rice with soy garlic glaze and renovations such as orange chicken bites to address students’ everchanging taste preferences
  • New cooking processes and sensory testing procedures for items such as rice and sauces to address ingredient-specific feedback
  • New delivery methods, signoff process, and ingredient procurement & processing plan based on SFUSD staff’s feedback on fulfillment accuracy and food quality
  • Utilization of waiver flexibilities to align with student preferences (e.g., changed source of rice)

Survey results during Fall 2020 revealed Asian American communities were not used to the Latin-inspired meals in multi-day meal boxes, asking for more Asian dishes that resembled what students ate at home.

Upon receiving a significant number of similar comments, we began increasing the menu frequency of Asian-inspired dishes in December, including garlic noodles with chicken, Korean BBQ beef, Mongolian beef with not-so-fried rice, and chicken teriyaki. We also reformulated the garlic noodles with chicken to make the dish less sweet as a result of survey feedback.

“The Project Crave survey data collected from students, staff, and families has been an important and useful tool in our menu planning processes.” – Hannah Smith, Child Nutrition Program Manager, SFUSD

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