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It’s the end of the summer, and parents across the country are planning for the new school year and exploring ways to feed their kids healthy school lunches.  Inspired by sample menus from us, award-winning editor and blogger, Christine Koh of, is committing to make lunches for her kids with more variety than the typical lunch fare. In her most recent post, 110 Easy + Healthy School lunch ideas, Christine shares some of her favorite school lunches like chicken and cheese tacos, pancakes with PB&J, along with a great list of kid-friendly fruits and vegetables.  

Download this list of Christine’s 110 Easy + Healthy School Lunch ideas, a great way to get inspired. Thanks for joining us in the healthy food revolution, Christine!

“I developed a list of easy and healthy school lunch ideas, based on both our family favorites + using Revolution Foods’ sample menus as inspiration. Here are a few key notes on how this list will likely differ from a lot of school lunch lists out there:

1. Beverages. I always just send water; plain and simple –  hydration = good.

2. Fruit snacks. A lot of people pack gummy fruit type snacks (e.g., raisins, fruit leather, fruit snacks) but as much as my kids love them, these types of snacks aren’t great for the teeth (my kids have tight, cavity-prone teeth). So I opt instead for fresh fruit and save the gummy snacks for when they are home and can brush their teeth afterwards.

3. Dessert. I don’t send dessert at lunchtime. My kids have plenty of access to sweet treats; they don’t need it during the school day too!”

Christine Koh, Boston Mamas

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