Community & Partnerships

We partnered with Steph & Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to provide Oakland kids access to free nutritious, tasty meals

Community & Partnerships

While school may be out for the summer, we continue to provide children free access to healthy, delicious meals through a new partnership benefiting Oakland families. At Revolution Foods, we teamed up with Stephen and Ayesha Curry to provide summer breakfasts and community dinners for local children as a key partner of the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation, a family-founded charity launched by the Currys with a mission to help end childhood hunger, ensure universal access to quality education and enable healthy, active lifestyles. The partnership, which kicked off with the start of the City of Oakland’s Town Camps on June 10 and runs through August 9, was created to empower and uplift the community and its families through accessible, nutritious and delicious food.

eat learn play foundation

We recognize that summer is the hungriest time of year as many children rely on school meals as a source of daily nutrition. 

“While much of our work is focused on providing freshly prepared, healthy meals to students during the school year, the summer months remain an equally critical time for us simply because so many families rely on our meals for daily nutrition,” explains Kristin Groos Richmond, CEO and co-founder of Revolution Foods. “We are thrilled about the shared focus of the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and to be working with the Currys to help supply children throughout Oakland with healthy and high-quality foods, and we look forward to expanding the reach of this partnership throughout the Bay Area and beyond by giving kids and families the proper nutrition they need to thrive.”

“Children are our future and we are deeply dedicated to empowering them and opening doors for their futures,” said Stephen and Ayesha Curry. “This organization is all about instilling ongoing tangible change for underprivileged children growing up in the Bay Area and beyond. As parents, we see a multitude of unique opportunities our kids have access to, and our hope is that Eat. Learn. Play., together with key partners including Revolution Foods, will positively impact children in our community to live out their dreams.”

Kids in Oakland are enjoying our great tasting, healthy meals all summer long.

Twenty Town Camp sites throughout the City of Oakland are currently serving around 3,500 real, high-quality Revolution Foods breakfast meals, including fruit & yogurt parfait, fresh-cut fruit and cheese omelet, every week. In addition, one community dinner will be hosted at each site over the course of the summer not only enabling students but also their families, as well as camp site staff, to enjoy and benefit from the great-tasting meals. We will bring our mobile kitchen classroom to each dinner, so children have the opportunity to taste new vegetables such as kale and learn how to make delicious, healthy dishes in their own homes. All events and meals are free for students, parents and staff.

As with all Revolution Foods meals, each well-balanced menu item is crafted with high-quality, carefully selected ingredients that are free of artificial flavors and colors to ensure the highest level of nutrition. Having served over 360 million meals to-date and currently providing meals to 2,500 childhood education centers, districts, charter schools, and community and afterschool youth programs nationwide, the company regularly engages with kids at every step of its development process to ensure it creates food kids will love.

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“Limited access to healthy meals amongst children is a huge problem that unfortunately continues to affect families in Oakland, as well as across the U.S. As such, the ‘summer hunger crisis’ is one the Foundation will not take lightly – we believe every child should have access to healthy food no matter the time of year so we focus on the off-months of summer to continue to promote family wellness in our communities,” states Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation CEO Christopher Helfrich. “Together with Revolution Foods, we will work toward a shared commitment of transforming the health of our local children and families and therefore, make a huge impact of their future successes.”

Revolution Foods looks forward to continuing to work with the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and its like-minded partners to create a new model for communities and families to come together with a commitment to unleash the potential of every child and pave the way for amazing kids and bright futures, both in Oakland and in cities across the nation.