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Nutrition and Academic Performance Linked – July 2019 Impact Study

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Study shows schools that serve Revolution Foods saw an improvement of 13.1% in English Language Arts (ELA) test results.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation released a new impact report that shows a direct correlation between nutrition and academic performance. While we know our nutrient-dense, kid-inspired and chef-crafted foods are the ultimate tool of empowerment and key ingredients for helping children achieve their true potential, this study only proves our impact.

Revolution Foods school meals drive academic outcomes

To assess Revolution Foods’ impact, students in schools across Louisiana, Massachusetts, and New York whom we served were compared to students in similar schools that were not served our foods. The research found schools that serve Revolution Foods saw an improvement of 13.1% in English Language Arts (ELA) test results (This means the pass rate of the ELA exam was 13.1% higher in treatment schools served by Revolution Foods compared to control schools). The study also identified a positive, yet small effect (<1 percent) on mathematics exam results and attendance rates. As mentioned in the study, long-term changes in eating behaviors require time, and higher positive effects could be identified with a more extended time series.

The findings from this study confirm the results of a UC Berkeley research report titled School Lunch Quality and Academic Performance which analyzed menu offerings to student test scores and also found a direct correlation between healthy school meals and positive academic outcomes. It also found investing in healthy school meal programs is one of the least expensive intervention methods to set our youth up for success.

nutrition and academic performance linked

Through this new research, we are reminded that our delicious, high-quality food made with carefully considered ingredients contribute to improved cognitive skills, concentration and energy levels among hundreds of thousands of students nationwide.

Help your students reach their full potential by partnering with Revolution Foods

We design, produce and deliver 2 million meals per week to 2,500 sites including early childhood education centers, districts, charter schools and community and afterschool youth programs. Contact us for more information about how you can get our healthy meals in your school and be our partner in building lifelong healthy eaters.