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Survey by Revolution Foods Reveals Both Parents and Students Consider Healthy School Meals Crucial to Academic Success

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Good food leads to good grades, and kids know it too! While some kids might want to eat burgers and hot dogs every day of the week, the reality is they know healthy school meals that include fresh vegetables and fruit lead to healthier bodies and better academic achievement.

We recently surveyed 1,800 students and parents nationwide* and found that the majority of parents (88 percent) and students (66 percent) agreed that healthier school meals could help students perform better in school. We also found that both parents and students believe it is important to ensure that meals have a lot of variety, feature fresh ingredients and are nutritionally balanced. These results supported a study conducted by The University of California, Berkeley and the Nutritional Policy Institute that suggests healthier meals could raise student achievement by about 4 percentile points (!) on average.

Detailed results are as follows (students responses are on the left, and parents are on the right):

For millions of Americans, particularly those in lower income communities, access to healthy foods is still limited. At Revolution Foods, we’re committed to making healthy school meals accessible to all, and we believe everyone deserves access to real, high-quality food made with carefully considered ingredients. We create great tasting, healthy meals made from wholesome ingredients free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

“We design around kids’ taste preferences and are committed to creating kid-inspired, chef-crafted meals that students will enjoy eating in schools. A key to developing lifelong healthy eaters is introducing children to a variety of tastes and textures at an early age.”

–  Chef Clifton Lyles, Vice President of Culinary Excellence

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*Survey was distributed to 1,800 high school students and parents via Pollfish in August 2018.