Our Journey

Meet the Team: Arielle Rogg!

Our Journey

Our Director of Business Development in Texas, Arielle Rogg, shares her journey to Revolution Foods - from leading a local school food revolution of her own while in high school to spearheading our outreach in the central region! 

I was introduced to Revolution Foods back in 2009 when I met our co-founder Kirsten Tobey at the 5th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference in Los Angeles. I was in college at the time, working on my combined Bachelors & Masters degrees in Public Health & Nutrition at Tufts University. I have followed Revolution Foods for 10 years as the company expanded across the United States, serves 2 million meals a week, and brings our kid-inspired, chef-crafted meals to children who need it most. Now, I am fortunate to be a member of the Revolution foods team as Director of Business Development for Texas. In this role, I travel around the state to meet with schools, early childhood education centers, and after-school community programs to discuss potential partnerships with Revolution Foods. Our mission is to serve kids in need of the best quality meals that also taste great and meet the USDA requirements for reimbursement.

Arielle, aged 16, serving as a teen advocate for healthy eating at her high school in 2004

My personal journey into health & nutrition began when I was a child myself. My high school in South Florida had approximately 3,500 students… and only 20 minutes for lunch every day. That was not nearly enough time to get everyone through the lunch line, so the standard became eating lunch out of the vending machines (chips & soda) for most of my peers. I had the good fortune of having my mom pack me a healthy lunch every day but I knew this was not a reality for most people and I thought something had to be done about it. I started educating myself on how to eat a balanced diet, reached out to healthy food companies for samples to give out to my classmates, and got involved with local government initiatives to help change health policy. I contacted local schools & community centers to set up nutrition presentations that I gave to elementary & middle school students. I became a self-proclaimed “teen advocate for healthy eating.”

Arielle, representing Revolution Foods at a regional conference in October 2018

I’m so excited that my career path has brought me back to providing healthy food for kids all these years later. Now I can help other children & teenagers provide a good support network for their friends to promote healthy behaviors, and I’m so happy to witness this in my job every day. This year, I am focused on building partnerships together with local non-profit organizations in Texas on the same mission as Revolution Foods to help us have a broader reach across the state. My goal is to combine our expertise to bring more awareness to healthy food through serving our clean-label meals, taste-testing local produce, and educating kids about why good food fuels the body.

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