Our People

Meet our Senior Director of Operations, Jose!

Our People

Our Senior Director of Operations, Jose Morales, shares his full-circle story: from growing up in an under-served community to leading the operations that serve the same community. Read on to learn about his journey, career advice and personal mantra! 


What do you do at Revolution Foods?

I am the Senior Director of Operations for Southern California. As the Senior Director, I support and direct the daily operations and team members that organize, prepare, deliver, and serve meals for school and community meal programs. I am part of a team of extraordinary individuals that are home-grown from our inner cities. They are passionate about children, people, the community and education. I facilitate and maintain a supportive environment, so that this family of amazing peers delivers as business owners and positively affects the plight of their own communities. The team believes that although many of us did not have access to healthy food as children, we have the opportunity to make changes in our communities. Our delicious and healthy meals move these communities forward and beyond. I am proud to be a change agent, and I am blessed to be part of this team.


Why did you choose to work at Revolution Foods?

I am first generation American of Mexican and Afro-Cuban descent and number four of seven siblings. I attended elementary school at Our Lady of Victory in the City of Compton. I remember that as a child, I wanted someone to acknowledge me, believe in me, help me, allow me, and protect me. As children, we did not always recognize that this type of support existed, and we often missed seeing, feeling and/or experiencing it. That feeling of knowing that others support you creates hope. 

I chose to work at Revolution Foods because I now have the opportunity to be back in my community. In my work, I regard the children, adults and elderly whom we serve as my family. I see myself, my brother and sisters, parents and grandmother in these communities, and we are providing hope to these folks in our various roles. It is our position that when a community has access to healthy food, it helps build a strong foundation for our children and their families. Revolution Foods is an avenue for all of us to give back. 


What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

I have learned the importance of stepping back and looking at the larger picture to carry out one’s mission which gives you purpose. It will make what you do worth it.


What is your motto or personal mantra?

We all have a responsibility to one another. Open your eyes, be open to the responsibility, and embrace it. You will bring hope to people, individuals and children that you will never meet!


What is your favorite Revolution Foods meal and why?

All of our meals are delicious because they all taste like hope!