Our People

Meet our dispatch manager, Angel!

Our People

From packing produce to becoming a dispatch manager, our Bay Area teammate Asia Allen has worked her way up and impacted so many over the past 8 years at Revolution Foods. We sat down with Asia to learn about what working at our company means to her and how she got where she is today. Read on to learn more!

What do you do at Revolution Foods?

My name is Asia Allen, but everyone calls me Angel. I’ve been with Revolution Foods since 2013. I began my career here working within the production department, scooping rice, packing out fruit, and weighing vegetables. Over the past 8 years I worked my way up and held the positions of production lead, production supervisor, driver, dispatch supervisor and most recently, dispatch manager. Being out in the field as a driver and getting to experience firsthand how the children we feed appreciated and loved our meals on a regular basis made me not only love what I do, but it also made me proud of what I do. Seeing how dedicated my driver teammates were encouraged me to do better every day.

This company has helped me in ways that I can’t put into words. In fact, I have started paying more attention to my health, and I’ve became more conscious of what I’m feeding my family based on what I’ve learned on the job. Revolution Foods has helped me become a better person.


Why did you choose to work at Revolution Foods?

 I chose to work at Revolution Foods because I knew they gave people from all backgrounds a chance. I’ve always worked with companies that serve the community, and I like the fact that Revolution Foods provides healthy meal options for kids who may not normally have access to. Being employed by Revolution Foods is truly rewarding because I know I’m making a difference in someone’s life in my own little way.

Having gone through the pandemic, it feels even more rewarding knowing that I play a major role in nourishing not just kids, but also the adults within our community and beyond. We’ve really lived up to our core value of Live Our Mission.


What is your motto or personal mantra?

Money means nothing if you’re not happy, which leads me to my life moto: no stress is success and love yourself first.


What is your favorite Revolution Foods meal and why?

My favorite meal that we produce is the Firecracker Chicken. I really enjoy the garlic noodles and the sweet chili sauce that’s thrown on top of it.