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Kids Love Bento Boxes!

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Traditionally a style of meal preparation from Japan, Bento Box meals have become a popular (and preferred!) way to pack kids’ lunches. Not only does it help food stay nice and organized, it also enables kids to decide how they want to eat their meal, encouraging creativity and choice!  SF City Moms Blog, a go-to resource for parents all over the Bay Area for tips on parenting, has put together some great ideas for using  bento boxes at home.

 “Bento boxes are the perfect solution for preparing lunches ahead of time and even allow my kids to pull out snacks for themselves during the day…Plus, there is no more negotiating about what is an appropriate snack. They have the autonomy to choose what they want to eat out of their bento box. We’ll also start working on having them pack their boxes themselves (with pre-approved lunch items).”

– Jennifer, SF City Moms Blog

In fact, at Revolution Foods, we recently distributed a survey to students and parents, and one of the findings was that 45 percent of parents and 30 percent of students selected “bento-style meals” when asked what their ideal school meal would be. They even chose bento boxes over less nutritious options like burgers, pizza, and chicken nuggets.

bento boxes

We suggest trying out an eco-friendly Bento Box like these on Target or The Container Store  –  all under $10!

Cool fact:  Did you know that the word “bento” was actually derived from the Southern Song Dynasty slang term biàndāng, which means “convenient”? What an fitting name!

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