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Free Printable: Thanksgiving 2019 Gratitude Activity for Kids

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Teach thankfulness with a Gratitude Activity for Kids

Gratitude Activity for Kids

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s an excellent time to help foster gratitude in your kids. Research by Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley indicates that grateful young adolescents (ages 11-13) are happier and more optimistic than their less grateful counterparts. They also have better social support, are more satisfied with their school, family, community, friends, and themselves, and give more emotional support to others.

Get the Printable

Knowing the benefits of practicing gratitude with kids, we have created a free printable Gratitude Activity for Kids that they will enjoy filling out on Thanksgiving.

Here at Revolution Foods, we’re having our kids fill out the printable, taking a picture with the completed activity and then sharing them on social media with #SoThankful2019. Join in on the fun and use the hashtag to be featured on our social channels!

Tips from Revolution Foods Parents

In addition to having our kids fill out the Gratitude Activity, here are a few ways our veteran parents at Revolution Foods are fostering gratitude with their kids this month.

“This month my twin girls, Abi and Evi, start their mornings at the breakfast table talking about what they’re thankful for.  My wife had them paint several pieces of paper, which we cut into feather shapes. After the kids share what they are thankful for, we write it down on the feathers and have the kids attach it to a large turkey cutout – it really gets the kids excited for the holiday season.”

– Nate Lopez | Product Development Manager

Gratitude Activity for Kids

“My son Henry shows gratitude year-round by sending out thank you cards whenever he receives a present. I purchased blank cards with the initial “H” on it so it feels special to him and to the recipient. As he has gotten older- during this time of year he writes in his journal all the things he is thankful for. In school, they reinforce his writing skills and the holiday season by writing essays on what they are thankful for and draw a corresponding picture.”

– Samantha Limcaco | Research & Development Chef

Gratitude Activity for Kids

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