Community & Partnerships

Expanding Our Mission with Nutrition Advocacy Partners

Community & Partnerships

We’re on a mission to impact childhood health by bringing nutrition education to our communities beyond the cafeteria. Across the country, we collaborate with amazing community partners to increase healthy food access and nutrition education. Together, we provide cooking courses, gardening workshops, and work with school administrators on nutrition program implementation. Thanks to these world-class community partners, we are able to create long-lasting changes to make schools and communities healthier.  Check out our partnership with FoodCorps in this video!  

We are so proud of the many ways our team has partnered with non-profits in all of our communities. In Boston, one of our Regional Partnership Managers, Emily Geis, partners with FoodCorps to teach kids the basics of healthy eating and nutrition. One of the many programs we provide for kids are vegetable tastings.

“We’ll pick something on the menu they might not be very familiar with like edamame and teach them about what is edamame, where do they eat edamame, why is it good for you. And then have them try it so they might be open to trying it on the lunch line.” 

–  Emily Geis, Regional Partnership Manager

FoodCorps, a national non-profit organization and community partner, brings nutrition education to schools and inspires policy change. FoodCorps members lead hands-on learning with kids in the classroom as well as cafeteria engagement activities like taste tests, surveys and games to get kids excited about the healthy items they’re seeing.

“Revolution Foods has been excellent about showing up with our team, helping support the promotion, bringing the food, providing ideas and being right there on the ground to support our FoodCorps members in this mission.”

– Beth Zschau, Massachusetts Program Director, FoodCorps

Do you want to find a way to volunteer with one of our partners in our nutrition advocacy network, or would you like to set up an educational event at your school? Contact us  and we’ll connect you with a partner in your community. Thanks!