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Author, award-winning blogger, yoga enthusiast, and speaker, Kristin Quinn, loves to expand her kids’ “veggie horizons” by taking them to farmers markets and picking out produce that the whole family can try together.  This fall, she’s setting up a fun challenge for her family – to try a new vegetable every month as part of her #MyNewGoal pledge. Having fun with new foods by cutting them into shapes and shredding them on top of salads is essential to getting kids excited about eating new fruits and vegetables.  In her blog post, No Mo’ Sloppy Jo’: School Lunches Get a Refresh, Kristin delves into the long-terms benefits of healthy foods:

There is no question that good healthy foods positively affect our children’s potential.  There was even a study done to prove it (published by UC Berkeley) that showed students at schools that contract with a healthier school-lunch vendor perform better on tests.  I believe it.

At Revolution Foods, we deeply believe it, too. That’s why we are committed to serving 2.5 million (and growing!) healthy meals in schools and community sites across the country every week. In the Boston area, where Kristin lives, Revolution Foods recently opened a new culinary center to deliver freshly prepared meals right to the community.  As we grow in all of our communities nationwide, we are geared up and excited to work with parents like Kristin who believe in serving healthy food for all kids.

Lucky for us, Revolution Foods is on a mission to build lifelong healthy eaters by providing access to healthy, affordable meals to all students and families, and they’re doing so right here in Boston.

–  Kristin Quinn, Misadventures In Mommyhood

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