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Cities Maximize Feeding Efforts with Revolution Foods

Community & Partnerships

With the global COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the economy, over 50 million people in the U.S. are now projected to be food insecure. But thanks in large part to breakthrough public-private partnerships, residents in the Cities of San José, New Orleans, New York, and others have received much-needed food assistance.

Revolution Foods has delivered over 60 million meals for these cities and beyond across 23 states since March 2020, helping to nourish kids, adults and seniors nationwide. We are continuing to expand our product and service offerings with the goal of making healthy, culturally relevant and delicious food accessible to all individuals, families and communities.

“The pandemic exacerbated food insecurity around the world, and we are proud to support our local communities through this crisis by partnering with numerous municipalities across the country to provide chef-crafted, culturally relevant and affordable meals at a wide range of community relief locations, school sites, homeless shelters, faith-based organizations, food banks, senior centers and more,” said Kristin Groos Richmond, CEO of Revolution Foods. “We’re committed to continuing to develop creative solutions for nourishing people at scale and ensuring that our products are reaching families across the country.”

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Richmond points out where public-private partnerships recently drove positive, system-wide change throughout the U.S.:

The City of San José partnered with Revolution Foods, local county officials, private sector partners, community-based organizations, and others to forecast the growing community demand and ramp up local meal production and distribution. By quickly developing unique meal options that would be suitable for San José students as well as adults (including a growing senior population), We have been able to provide over 300,000 healthy meals to residents. Part of this includes utilizing food trucks throughout the City for last-mile delivery, keeping local food service workers employed.


In New Orleans, Revolution Foods has been working alongside the City of New Orleans, FEMA and Chef’s Brigade, a coalition of 100+ local restaurants, to prepare 20,000 fresh, nutritious adult and senior meals daily since last summer. Local eateries and restaurants (many of which are BIPOC- and/or woman-owned) joined forces with the company’s local staff and 100+ local drivers to nourish NOLA residents. The meal program has proudly re-employed at least 500 New Orleanians who may have otherwise been out of work due to the pandemic.

Through its Emergency Food Home Delivery Program and partnership with Revolution Foods, the City of New York was able to provide healthy and delicious food directly to its most vulnerable residents. We designed, sourced, produced and delivered approximately 2 million meals in 2020, most of which were distributed via door-to-door delivery service by NYC taxi drivers.


“I am grateful to Revolution Foods and our many other food partners for providing critical help to the San José community in a time of considerable need. They ensure our residents obtain freshly prepared, healthy meals, and contribute essential food to a pipeline that continues to serve our community nearly 250,000 meals each day.”
– Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose

As the nation’s only school and community meals provider to offer a branded platform that utilizes a clean-label supply chain, Revolution Foods provides chef-crafted meals made from carefully considered ingredients and sourced from national and local vendors to be free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Since our founding in 2006, we have designed, produced and delivered over 460 million meals for 564 cities and towns across 23 states, including BostonNew YorkWashington, D.C.New Orleans, Austin, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles. While food insecurity remains to be a major challenge across the country, we believe that with more public-private partnerships—like the ones above—we can all work together to help build stronger, healthier communities.

If you’re interested in partnering with Revolution Foods to bring healthy meals to your community, contact us today!