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Brighter Choice Charter Middle School increased meal participation after partnering with Revolution Foods

Community & Partnerships

At Revolution Foods, we know how hard our partners work to deliver high-quality programming – from the classroom to the lunchroom. That’s why we work hard to create fully reimbursable meals and flexible, yet turn-key solutions to help lighten the load. 

Before partnering with Revolution Foods, Brighter Choice Charter Middle School for Girls and Boys in Albany, New York maintained a self-operated food service program, offering scratch cooking for 655 students in grades K-5. Brighter Choice was struggling with the constant challenge of delivering a menu that always met federal and state nutrition guidelines. As a result, they were unable to consistently offer free and reduced-price meals (FRL) to their students. With 84% of its student body qualifying for FRL, the school needed a way to ensure its meals were always compliant so that students could enjoy nutritious, tasty meals that were still federally reimbursable. It also needed support with maximizing the meal program budget so that it could create the most delicious and nutrient-dense possible meals for its students. 

As the leader in student nutrition, our meals are designed by chefs, approved by a team of dietitians, and are always federally reimbursable by the National School Lunch Program. With our ability to provide breakfastlunch, and supper menus at scale, we were able to quickly implement our robust meal program while training the serving staff and delivering on several requests from the school administrators, students, and parents.

Brighter Choice began offering our freshly prepared, family-style dining platform to its students so they could enjoy delicious meals like cheese enchiladas with rice and beans, mac and cheese with chicken sausage, and BBQ chicken drumstick with rice. Brighter Choice was excited to implement this new meal platform – served family-style in bulk format on the service line – because it allows the students to experience the pleasant aroma of ingredients and quickly see the delicious offerings of the day. Students are served appropriate portions, but also get to enjoy a plated meal which provides a familiar home-style experience. The students had nothing but great things to share about our family-style meals saying that “the flavors are way better”, “the food is delicious”, and “healthy food is so good”.

From the operations standpoint, the transition from scratch cooking to family-style was a smooth process as our platform closely matched how Brighter Choice previously ran the self-operated meal program. 

The results of switching to family-style with Revolution Foods meals was a huge success at both campuses. The meal participation increased by 10%. The school administrators and students alike were both delighted about the delicious meals. 

If you’re interested in partnering with Revolution Foods to bring healthy meals that students love into your school or community program, contact us today!