Community & Partnerships

2,500 School and Organizational Partners, and Growing!

Community & Partnerships

We’re proud to partner with over 2,500 schools and organizations across the the country. Our partners include districts, charter schools, community organizations, after school youth programs, food banks, summer camps, early education centers, and more.  Our ability to provide healthy meals for kids reaches far beyond our school partners, and we are able to be a resource for communities 365 days a year – from breakfast  to supper and everything in between. By making healthy food available to sites throughout community, from schools to camps to community centers, we are truly making an impact in improving citywide wellness. Check out this video to see our partnerships in action! 

One of the key ways that Revolution Foods strives to support our partners is through our unique regional partnership approach. Based in each community we serve, Regional Partnership Managers work with sites and school partners to provide resources, staff training, account management, audit reviews and engage with students on nutrition and food education. Our Regional Partnership Managers deeply believe in our mission of raising lifelong healthy eaters. Many of our Managers bring to the job backgrounds in public health and work experience in local non-profit and global health NGO’s. In their roles, they develop close relationships with dining managers and school administrators to quickly resolve any issues should they arise.

“With Rev Foods, I feel like I have a lot of support. I have a great relationship with Allison Chow [Regional Partnership Manager, Boston], she’s on top of things, she stops by to visit, she works with us to increase our participation with meals. I’ve met a lot of people who are passionate about getting students to eat nutritious food and I feel like we have a partnership. They try to make a differenceThey have your back.”

– Linda Chapin, Dining Hall Manager, Neighborhood House Charter School, Dorchester Massachusetts

For us at Revolution Foods, the schools we work with are our partners in every sense. Contact Us today to begin a partnership!