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21-Day Family Challenge + FREE Printable Goal Tracker

Healthy Living

Rev up your family’s health, wellness and outlook in 21 days with new goals, motivation and inspiration to make 2019 your best year yet. From January 7th – January 21st, we’re sharing a weekly challenge on Facebook and encouraging you and your family to take action together!

Get started by downloading this Free Printable Goal Tracker that you can use to see your progress. After printing out the goal tracker, have a family discussion about which goals you want to achieve together. Setting goals as a family brings everyone together and gives everyone a common goal to work towards. Once you’ve agreed on the goals, fill out the tracker and put it up on the refrigerator so that it’s easily accessible to everyone.

21-Day Family Challenge

To participate in the 21-day family challenge, you’ll need to visit our Facebook page throughout the month of January. Here is a preview of what you can look forward to:

Week 1

Challenge: We’re motivating you and your family to choose a healthy eating goal together and stick with it!
Dates: January 7th – January 13th
Prize: One winner will receive a $200 Grocery Gift Card

Start the year off by making healthy eating a priority for the family. Replace juice with water, keep the pantry stocked with healthy on-the-go snacks, and spend time eating meals with the family. Research from Rutgers suggests that family mealtime generates a wealth of health benefits, especially for children. Kids who ate more meals together with their families tended to eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, calcium-rich foods, and vitamins and ate less junk food.

Week 2

Challenge: We’re encouraging you and your family to set an activity goal together and do it!
Dates: January 14th – 20th
Prize: One winner will receive an Annual National Park Pass

Family time isn’t just for fun – it also has some serious benefits including better behavior in kids, reduced stress and stronger family bonds. Research supports that spending leisurely time together as a family improves family bonding and satisfaction. Get in the habit of choosing a fun weekly activity to do together as a family this year!

Week 3

Challenge: We’re inspiring families to give back together! 
January 21st – January 27th
One winner will receive $200 to donate to their charity of choice

Whether you’re sorting food at a food bank or cleaning up a park, volunteering as a family amplifies your impact on the cause and gives you quality time together. Community service can get everyone thinking positively and prioritizing what’s important. Plus, you’ll make some great memories!

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